On the old tub, the tail panel and the dash have been removed. The windshield frame is intact with the remains of the fire wall.  The shop did cut part of the inner cowl out to remove the pedals.  But you can see the damage to the floor and rockers that precipitated the decision to either scrap the car or rebuild new.  I went the more expensive route. When I am done I will know what I have and it will be safe and will be able pass state inspection, for getting on the road and having some fun.  That is the plan. Getting ideas about where and when to travel and whether to trailer or drive (guess that will be determined by the distance).  Lots of plans and ideas, I plan on enjoying this car.

Decided to purchase a Dynacorn Body Shell.
The Dynacorn body had a few small issues with the doors matching up to the fenders, but were cut to fit.  We were concerned about how tight the hinges were on the doors. They don't act like they are going to be free moving even with lubrication.  What do you think? We discussed taking the old hinges off and repairing them and reinstalling on new body.  Anyway, things are going along well.
Feb 26, 2008:

Prep for jambs-fenders; Base coat

Engine compartment; Up to Base coat

Trunk lid inside

Firebird with clear & silver

Firebird with clear & silver accents ...

Problem with convertible top: one of the arms was on backwards - my body man was able to fix it.

First time in the sun...
April 1, 2008

Dyno mat installed

Carpet installed

TA dash & stack gauges

Passenger side

Engine is in

Silver tail panel

Trunk wing to be installed and the Hood and Front end completed, then the power top complete, etc,etc .  but it is alive, engine is running.

Ready for new top fabric

Instrument Dash

Interior Completion

Completed engine bay

The Ghost reveals itself

Cool Ride Again

Not Bad for a forty year old!

What a Cool Ride!

The car is almost ready to come home.  It has been a long wait and a lot more than I had planned to spend (I am sure that story has been repeated by many others before me, LOL), but I think the pictures show that it is all worth it. 

MoMuscle Cars (www.momusclecars.com) is a First Class Restoration Shop located in Conroe, TX; I don't know how I could have done any better in the choice of shops.  Hope you like the car, and the color.  I told Tony, that I wish I would have been able to buy one of his car bodies, but the Dynacorn one worked out pretty good, just a lot of refit work – doors, trunk, even the convertible top frame.  But they got it all to work.  Hope you like the pictures , “T/A my way”, that is her name.