Muscle Car Metal is proud to offer Goodmark® Sheetmetal and Trim for your Muscle Cars and Classic Trucks.  Goodmark® offers you the best parts available for your car- no excuses.  Goodmark® is the largest supplier of Sheetmetal Parts in the GM Restoration Parts Program.  Cowls, hoods, ground effects steps, spoilers, bumper covers and any kind of sheet metal you might need for your project.

Goodmark's founders and staff are made up of muscle car and truck enthusiasts. They know, collect, and restore classic cars themselves so let their expertise work for you. At Goodmark, they test fit all of their exclusive parts so you can be assured a proper fit. Only when they are satisfied with the quality will they stock and sell these items. Many of their parts are licensed through the original manufacturers assuring the highest quality available. Together, we strive to get you the best parts at the best possible price. So quit searching the junkyards for substandard parts! Get top quality new parts from Goodmark.

Goodmark is your premier source for restoration body panels and trim for classic American cars and trucks.

Look for their ads in popular magazines such as:

Hot Rod, Super Chevy, Chevy High Performance, Car Craft, Sport Truck, Classic Truck, Custom Classic Truck, Street Truck, Truckin, Specialty Automotive and more!




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